About us
Collaboration is wealth
Cooperation must win together

Guiding ideology

Collaboration is wealth, cooperation must be win-win.

Enterprise philosophy

Concept priority, cooperation as the development way, people-oriented, innovation as the soul.

Enterprise Tenet

Try our best to meet the requirement of users, provide satisfied products and good services to customers, create material and spiritual wealth for the community, provide a comfortable work and living environment to the staff and strive to build a socialist harmonious society.

Enterprise spirit

Unity, pragmatic, tenacity, exploit.

Unity is to work together, to support each other, and to have a team spirit.

Pragmatism is to proceed from reality in everything , work in a solid way , not be grandiose, not be arrogant, one step at a time, steadfastly work.

Tenacity is to have fighting spirit, dare to face any difficulty and pressure, do not give in, do not shrink, do not waver, have a kind of fearless spirit.

Development is to get rid of the shackles of traditional ideas, not conservative, dare to innovate, dare to practice, keep pace with the times, strive to be the first, constantly striving for progress.

Core value

Integrity and unity, pragmatic with high efficiency, innovation and excellent , win-win cooperation.

Integrity- unity is based on honesty and trustworthiness. We help each other, work together and progress together.

Pragmatic and efficient is to start from the reality, do everything well, trust each other, define the goal, cooperate actively, and accomplish the task efficiently.

Innovation- transcendence is innovative practice. With talent strategy and brand strategy as the starting point and relying on the overall advantages of Company, technological innovation and leapfrogging development are realized.

Cooperation and win-win is with an open mind and broad mind, sincerely to cooperation with the vast customer community from all walks of life, to be common development, mutual benefit and win-win.