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Summary of the special meeting of the safety production committee

Summary of the special meeting of the safety production committee


At 16:30 in the afternoon of September 4, 2017, a special meeting of the Committee on production Safety of Shanxi Cimm Donghai Advanced carbon Co., Ltd. was organized and held in the conference room of the Company's production scheduling Center.

The meeting was attended by General Manager Zhang Xiangjun, and Deputy General Manager and Deputy Director of the safety committee, Lu Jianshan, Chief Engineer Hou Laiyou, responsible person of the safety and environmental protection department, technical center, and other safety committee members. The meeting of Jinzhong City Safety Supervision Bureau, Jiexiu City Safety Supervision Bureau of the recent two video conference to convey the spirit of the company's production safety arrangements.The meeting was presided over by Deputy General Manager Lu Jianshan.

First, the Minister of Safety and Environmental Protection, Yue Lisheng, conveyed the spirit of the video-conference and the two incident circulars.

 1, "8 .11"  Heshun Lv Xin Coal Industry Slope landslide accident

On Aug. 11, 2017, Shanxi Coal Transportation and marketing company of Jin Neng Group Heshun Lv Xin Coal Industry Co., Ltd. had a landslide accident, nine people was killed and one was injured. This accident exposed the main problems: first, under these circumstances

 , the slope cracks, there are signs of collapse and slip and others, Lv Xin Coal Industry did not take measures of evacuation of personnel and equipment, but continued to risk mining operations, resulting in slope landslides; Second, the production activities of the Lv Xin coal industry are subcontracted layer by layer, and each mining area (operation site) is organized and produced by the contractor. Third, after the Jin Neng Group merged and reorganized Lv Xin's coal industry, only charged a certain amount of management fees according to the coal output. There was no real "real investment, real holding, real management"; Fourth, after the accident occurred, Lv Xin's coal industry had a premeditated, planned and organized cover-up of the accident; Fifthly, the relevant departments of the Heshun county government received information about the incident, in the absence of careful examination of the evidence, the conclusion was reached that there were no casualties.

The safety commission of the State Council informed the Shanxi Coal Transportation and marketing company of Jin Neng Group Heshun Lv Xin Coal Industry Co., Ltd. "8 .11" slope landslide accident. Shanxi Provincial Party Committee General Office and Provincial Government General Office jointly issued a circular informing that serious accountability of those responsible for the slope landslide accident, five people were removed from office and five were removed from their posts.

2, Taigu Hongma steel plant environmental protection retrofit personnel poisoning death and injury accident

On September 1, 2017, the tools of Taigu Hongma steel plant fell in the desulfurization tower during the construction of the environmental protection renovation project. Without security equipment, the first person picks up the tool and falls into the desulfurizer. The second person went to rescue, also fell in the desulfurization tower. The third person went to the rescue, feeling wrong, immediately evacuated from the scene resulting in his injuries. Two people were killed and one injured in the accident.

After investigation by the accident investigation team, the direct causes of the accident were as follows: first, the ventilation in the desulfurization tower was not replaced before the construction operation; second, no effective partition was carried out to block the blind board; third, the construction units subcontracted layer by layer, violating the safety management regulations;  fourth, Taigu Hongma steel plant selected unqualified construction units; fifthly, the construction units have no construction plan, blind construction. Indirect reasons: first, the Taigu Hongma steel plant failed to implement the main responsibility of the enterprise for production safety; second, the management was chaotic and the construction outsourcing industry was subcontracted layer by layer; and third, the operation rules for safe production were not perfect. The maintenance process did not handle the related work ticket.

3. The Safety Supervision Bureau of Jinzhong City and Jiexiu City demands that each production and management unit conscientiously learn the lessons of two accidents, immediately carry out self-inspection, self-adjustment and self-reform activities of enterprises, strictly implement the main responsibility of enterprises in production safety, and do a good job of special rectification. We will continue to promote major inspection activities, actively carry out the work of dual preventive mechanisms, and strive to promote the standardization of production safety; the safety supervision departments will continue to step up law enforcement efforts and impose severe penalties on illegal acts; Safety inspectors should all go deep into the grass-roots, enterprises and other units to carry out safety inspections.

4.Company safety arrangement


Analyzing the environment of the above two accidents, the time is very sensitive: first, 19th CPC National Congress is about to be held; second, July-September is the active period during the national safety production inspection period; third, the recovery period of economic recovery in various industries. The main reason of the accident is that the main responsibility of the enterprise is not carried out, the consciousness of safety production is weak, and the safety management is confused. In accordance with the general manager's arrangement and the document requirements of the safety supervision department, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection, combined with the actual situation of the company, makes the following arrangements for the key work of the company in the near future:

As the demonstration unit of the double prevention mechanism in Jiexiu City, the company should further promote the double prevention mechanism and carry out the work of safety standardization. Improve the company management system and formulate safety management measures for outsourcing projects. Strengthen training. Occupational health training, emergency rescue and disposal training, new staff training and so on, will be organized and completed in the near future. Do a good job of daily inspection, workshop weekly inspection, company inspection and monthly safety inspection at the company level. 5) to organize the emergency drill seriously. In the month of August, the emergency drills of calcinations workshop and press workshop have been completed, and other workshops have carried out the drills according to the plan one after another. The company increased the safety input, replaced the standard labor protection equipment, each department, the workshop must supervise the employee to wear the labor protection article correctly.

Second, Lu Jianshan, Deputy General Manager and Deputy Director of the Safety Committee, has put forward the following requirements for production safety work in the light of the actual production situation:

1, each workshop, each post carries out a comprehensive hidden trouble check and control;

Focus on the investigation of "three violations" within the scope of the company, especially in the light of the phenomenon of violation of labor discipline, we should strictly investigate and deal with it;

According to the accident cases, each workshop should carry out safety education and training activities;

In the production process, must strictly according to the procedure work, carries on the standardization work.

 Finally, Zhang Xiangjun, General manager and Director of the Safety committee, expounded the development prospects of the company, especially put forward the following requirements for the company's work safety in production:

First, safety is the foundation of all work. Again good benefit, once occurrence safety accident means to return to zero;

Second, the whole staff process to do a good job in safety work. Safety work can not have a dead angle, can not have the slightest paralyzed thought, so that the alarm bell long;

Third, we should cherish the current good situation, the company unity, in accordance with the requirements of standardization of production safety, the dual work of prevention to further advance;

 Fourth, grasp key links, key posts, key personnel, conscientiously do a good job in the hidden danger investigation work, in safety work is equivalent to human life, we must strictly investigate unsafe behavior, and put an end to the "three violations" phenomenon.

In short, each department, workshop should be in accordance with the requirements of safety supervision departments at all levels, the implementation of safety production laws and regulations, a good safety gate, adhere to the red line of safety, for the company's development escort!